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Wherever you live, you can have access to an experienced shoulder and elbow surgeon, Dr. Brian W. Hill. As a shoulder and elbow surgeon, Dr. Hill specializes in the comprehensive management of shoulder and elbow conditions.

Patients seeking further medical education can send their shoulder or elbow MRI scan to Dr. Hill for him to review. Dr. Hill will personally review and interpret your MRI scan and offer his expert opinion on treatment options.

To have your MRI scan reviewed, please upload your MRI to my medical images below. Please then email us ([javascript protected email address]) to let us know your MRI has been uploaded and Dr. Hill will plan to review it.

By uploading your medical images, you acknowledge and agree:

  1. That your personally identifiable health care information can be shared with employees of PBOI.
  2. That the image review is providing only an informational review of the medical images that you are providing.
  3. That the information provided by our Physicians is not a form of diagnosis. A diagnosis can only be made if you have been physically examined by a PBOI physician.

Upon receipt of your medical images, PBOI will not share your personally identifiable health care information with third parties without your written consent.

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